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Jamie Murphy

Jamie is the CEO of Penzance Dry Dock and the Linked Solutions group. His companies combine capabilities from the manufacturing and shipbuilding sectors with a long-established shipbuilding and repair facility.

What would you consider is the best part about your job?

The best thing about being CEO of this company is the legacy, protecting this historic part of the industry in Cornwall, restarting the industrial fire in the area, and gradually creating an industrial boom. This isn’t just a dry dock or shipyard, it’s so much more that that.

How did you get into the job role?

Ambition, perseverance, fearlessness, and a lot of hard work. Make the most of every opportunity, stay true to your morals and what’s important to you. Listen to the right kind of people, take advice and act accordingly. Always trust your instinct, stay grounded and humbled, and always make your own true path.

Where do you operate in Cornwall?

Our Headquarters is in Penzance at the Dry Dock, but our engineers travel all around the UK and Europe.

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