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Meg Hayward-Smith

I founded the Marine group (FMC) due to my passion for the oceans, what it holds, and how Conservation can support and protect these places. Conservation starts at home and working in the local area, with a small committed group of people will enable us to produce some good science, with relatable results. It is vital, now more than ever, to get everyone involved in helping protect our ocean for future generations.

How did you get into the job role?

I started FMC back in 2016 whilst I was studying Marine Biology at Falmouth Marine School. I was struggling to find a local Marine Conservation group to volunteer with, so I thought ‘what’s stopping me from starting a Marine group in my own area?’ because surely other people want to find a place to volunteer.

What's your advice for young people?

Don’t be afraid to reach out to organisations – just because they don’t advertise internships or volunteering opportunities, doesn’t mean they might not be able to provide it. Try to get experience with as many different organisations as possible in order to get a foot in the door. Remember that ‘experience’ doesn’t necessarily mean a paid job – volunteering and being really passionate is just as valuable. Volunteer, volunteer, and volunteer! If you can’t find a volunteer organisation in your area, or work that you want to get into, then create it, cultivate that community, and the rest will follow!

Where do you operate in Cornwall?

In the Falmouth area.

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