Marine Ambassadors

Meet our Marine Ambassadors

Our Marine Ambassadors help to enlighten young people who are looking for information in the Marine sector.

Marine Ambassadors

Meet our Marine Ambassadors

Our Marine Ambassadors help to enlighten young people who are looking for information in the Marine sector.

Marine Ambassadors

Meet our Marine Ambassadors

Our Marine Ambassadors help to enlighten young people who are looking for information in the Marine sector.

Chief Executive

Jakie is a Cornish girl who has been very fortunate to grow up on the Helford River, spending her childhood on or in the water. Jakie’s passion for Cornwall meant she decided to remain in the county and undertook a long career in Tourism and Hospitality. In early 2021, after 30 years, she decided to take a career change, wanting an opportunity to ‘give back’ and joined a local Cornish charity, the Children’s Sailing Trust. Jakie took on the massive challenge of getting their new fully accessible Watersports Centre and holiday accommodation up and running before taking over as CEO of the Charity as the site opened to the public in 2021.

Head of Fundraising

Emily works as Head of Fundraising for The National Lobster Hatchery, based in Padstow. Having lived in Cornwall her whole life, Emily has always had a keen interest in Biology and over more recent years developed an interest in Marine Biology. Having initially trained as a Primary School Teacher and then going on to work as a course manager and lecturer in FE prior to working at the Hatchery, she has a passion in engaging and educating all ages.

Marine Superintendent

Tom works for Isles of Scilly Steamship Group as Marine Superintendent. Tom is an experienced Maritime professional with a deep-seagoing background, followed by domestic passenger ferries and high-speed craft. Now working within passenger, freight and workboat maritime industries supporting the lifeline link operation to the Isles of Scilly.

Senior Operations and Projects Leader

I currently work for Lloyd’s Register and have worked with them for the past thirty years in various Technical, Senior Leadership and Managerial capacities. I have most recently been responsible for a large team of service delivery support staff across North Europe and Change Management.

Amazement and Discovery Ranger

Originally from France, I graduated from a BSc Wildlife and Practical Conservation at the University of Salford in 2014. In 2016, I moved to Cornwall with my partner Rick to become a full-time volunteer for the National Trust in West Penwith and started surveying my local site for CSGRT. I soon took on the photo ID process from making albums to running the catalogue, and started helping out in the office, on stalls and at talks.


I founded the Marine group (FMC) due to my passion for the oceans, what it holds, and how Conservation can support and protect these places. Conservation starts at home and working in the local area, with a small committed group of people will enable us to produce some good science, with relatable results. It is vital, now more than ever, to get everyone involved in helping protect our ocean for future generations.

Director and Founder

I was born and raised in Cornwall and loved the water for as long as I can remember. The beach was my playground and I started bodyboarding as a kid and joined a local surf life-saving club. I just loved being in the water; no matter how cold it was or what the waves were doing. As long as I got in the water, I was happy and I became totally addicted!


As founder of Morvargh Sailing Project CIC, I have a proven record of success in sail training and youth development with several projects such as #SoundSense (marine science voyages) and #ASPIRE360 (a circumnavigation of the UK). A natural leader and motivator, with strong powers of empathy and negotiation born out of working with young people in a residential education setting.

Environment and Engagement Ranger

Sammy is a friendly, enthusiastic, and passionate women striving to make a difference to how people view and interact with the environment with a strong determination to bring communities together with the environment. Sammy engages people from all walks of life, connecting them with the big blue ocean and has a keen interest in environmental psychology and how this can aid wellbeing and mental health.

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Jamie is the CEO of Penzance Dry Dock and the Linked Solutions group. His companies combine capabilities from the manufacturing and shipbuilding sectors with a long-established shipbuilding and repair facility.

Business Development Manager

Cat is an experienced Commercial Manager who has been working in the Offshore and Marine industry for the past seven years. She is passionate about building long-lasting relationships with clients and partners and identifying opportunities to collaborate. Cat specialises in diversification strategies; identifying new markets and areas where the business can grow.

Co-Director and Co-Founder

Sal served 15 years in the Royal Marines (RM), which is where his diving career started. After leaving the RM in 2003 he continued his diving career working on numerous Marine civils, harbour moorings, salvage, shipping, and media projects all over the world before becoming a supervisor.

Surf Coach and Coasteering Guide

Global Boarders real life ‘Jacques Costeau’, this globetrotting surfer has travelled to the furthest corners to surf some of the world’s most unique and wonderful waves, experiencing a wide variety of cultures and lifestyles to share with the next generation of aspiring surfers! Having studied Sports Coaching at University, this led to various coaching roles abroad and being a very keen sportsman, Steve was a late entry to the world of surfing.

Project Coordinator & Lead Instructor

Kathy King is a Science and Psychology specialist who has worked with a variety of vulnerable groups including young people with special educational needs, including social, emotional and behavioural problems, and the homeless. She is passionate about showing others the power of being active in nature and using outdoor activities as a tool to improve emotional literacy (self-awareness, motivation, self-regulation, empathy and social skills).