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Steve Hancock

Global Boarders real life ‘Jacques Costeau’, this globetrotting surfer has travelled to the furthest corners to surf some of the world’s most unique and wonderful waves, experiencing a wide variety of cultures and lifestyles to share with the next generation of aspiring surfers! Having studied Sports Coaching at University, this led to various coaching roles abroad and being a very keen sportsman, Steve was a late entry to the world of surfing.

How did you get into the job role?

Through a love of surfing and being outdoors.

What's your advice for young people?

Having excellent customer service is a must!, You need to have a positive attitude, be proactive, turn-up to work on time and give people a positive experience. These are key traits to do well in the surf industry.

Where do you operate in Cornwall?

Gwithian, Praa Sands and Newquay.

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