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Warren ‘Sal’ Salliss

Sal served 15 years in the Royal Marines (RM), which is where his diving career started. After leaving the RM in 2003 he continued his diving career working on numerous Marine civils, harbour moorings, salvage, shipping, and media projects all over the world before becoming a supervisor.

How did you get into the job role?

After being a diver in the military for a number of years and working in the commercial diving industry, CDT was formed to provide a Commercial Diver Training facility in England. We are one of only two training providers in the UK.

What's your advice for young people?

The commercial diving industry will take you as far as you want to go. You are measured on your work ethic, how you conduct yourself and your enthusiasm/ willingness to learn. Resilience is a key quality and success is not instantaneous – you must be prepared to work hard and be proactive. Nothing is beyond your limits if you put your mind to it!

Where do you operate in Cornwall?

Training takes place in Fowey, St Austell Bay and Plymouth.

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