Nicola O'Donnell

Nicola O’Donnell

Since 2022 Nicola has been at the helm of the National Lobster Hatchery as their Chief Operating Officer, her responsibilities include the day to day operations. As well as strategic and development direction Nicola has grown up in Cornwall and is passionate about making an impact here. Since 2023 she has also sat on the board as a Director of the Cornwall Association of Tourist Attractions.

What is the best thing about working in Marine?

The biggest source of job satisfaction for me is developing organisations through growth, creating opportunities for both the business and its people to shine, and coming up with ideas that showcase what The National Lobster Hatchery does. For me, my role as CEO provides the perfect opportunity to achieve this for a worthy cause, and I am really looking forward to building on what has already been achieved here at The NLH.

Where do you operate in Cornwall?

With hatcheries in Padstow and Newlyn.

What is your advice for young people looking for a career in the Marine sector?

Cornwall is world class in the Marine sector, so be enthusiastic, volunteer and soak up every bit of knowledge that is offered to you.

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