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Clean Ocean Sailing (COS) is an award-winning volunteer organisation taking direct action to improve the Marine environment around Cornwall. COS conducts carbon neutral sailing clean-up expeditions around Cornwall and Isles of Scilly aboard a 117-year old sailing vessel to an otherwise inaccessible coastline. In doing so, COS contributes to the creation of a circular economy around Marine plastics, striving to raise awareness about the Ocean Crisis and its consequences for local, national and global communities. Clean Ocean Sailing are determined to tackle the root causes of ocean biodiversity loss, pollution and climate change through coastal clean-up missions. We work with volunteers of all ages and backgrounds. So far, we have recovered over 55 tons of Marine waste. Our central message is to Rethink, Reduce, Recover, Reuse, Repurpose and Recycle the Marine plastic devastating our marine environment. COS activities are achievable by all, encouraging people from every walk of life to join in and empowering them to make a difference.

What is the best thing about working in Marine?

The best thing about working in the Marine conservation is the tangible impact we make on our environment. Through our clean-up expeditions, we actively reduce Marine waste, raise awareness, and empower diverse volunteers to join our cause. It’s about fostering a sense of responsibility and connection to our oceans for everyone involved.

Where do you operate in Cornwall?

We are based on board a 1908 Danish sailing ship, The Annette, which is moored in the serene shores of Gweek. We sail with Annette around European seas. With smaller crafts, we paddle and sail around coastlines and visit small, inaccessible beaches where we collect rubbish.

What's your advice for young people?

Our advice is to immerse yourself in hands-on experiences. Our central message is to Rethink, Reduce, Recover, Reuse, Repurpose and Recycle the Marine plastic devastating our Marine environment. Embrace these principles to drive positive change, and join organizations like Clean Ocean Sailing to understand the challenges firsthand. Your passion and dedication can shape a sustainable future for our oceans.

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